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Airnace SA



In 1999, in Evionnaz in Valais, M. Francis Richard founded Airnace AG. Beginning its business with a spider lift Ruthmann 22 meters, the company evolved in number as well as in type of machines suitable to work in height place.

Currently, Airnace is active in Romandy to rent below ground reach workplatforms, minicranes, telescopic forklifts, vaccum lifters, construction lifts and more. Partnering with Indupro, she offers aluminum scaffolding renting services.

Its will to lead customers need, she operates professional and experimented machinists, specially in glass handling, as well as formation in work platforms as required by SUVA standards.

Company philosophy

While growing, the team always kept at heart the values that brought success.
Specialist in its domain, we offer, for each situation, the best machine. Aware of the delays, we are highly available and quick to react in order to meet the deadline we give.

To do so, we have our own transport float. So we can guarantee delivery times and instruction for users.

Also, Airnace rely on competent and experimented workers with well respected knowledge and behavior while delivering or while serving as operator on a construction site.